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July 18, 2007
Jon Robberson responds

I've blogged about the frustration that is having the email address, lincoln(atyouknow) I suppose it's much the same for those who have, and the like -- constant spam, and misdirected emails destined for other inboxes.

Usually, I respond that the email that I've received is sent to the wrong address, and ask that they please stop sending to me. However, today I got one that, given we watched (again) Magnolia Pictures' Jesus Camp again tonight, I expounded a little. The original email, destined for some other Lincoln, apparently, is after the jump, detailing the use of the jumbotron and everything:

From: Jon Robberson
To: Lincoln Dunn Subject: America the Beautiful...the song for the AWESOME patriotic segment

We’re going to have. Take a listen to this exact segment on the link below to see the intro Jimi Hendrik guitar piece I think will zing the crowd. Go to the link and you’ll see what looks like an online list of songs to buy. Click on AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL and it will play a 20-30 sec. intro. – the EXACT section that I think we need to use.
Then you can figure out how to go from there. The guitar segment is where these words are normal sung: “God shed His grace on thee and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.”
Then on that arrangement horns take it from there which starts the first verse: “Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, and amber waves of grain….”
Probably the audience should start singing at the beginning of the verse, and it is at that point that these words flash BIG on the Jumbortron;
Then the lyrics will be listed,
That would be the first segment of the 3 song medley, I have to tell you what other cool stuff we’ve got cooked up for the segment, but I wanted you to hear the intro because it sets the tone for the moment.


Wow -- the words flash BIG on the jumbotron? Damn, that's cool. Except if you (a) don't give a rat's ass, and (b) think that theology is just a *little* deeper than that. And, that, you know, God didn't bestow some amazing power on the United States to be the sword and shield of Jesus.

I responded thusly, though a bit harshly:

I have no idea who you are, or why you're emailing me, but anything that involves "America the Beautiful" should append, "A new theocracy of intolerance and big business" to the last line of the song.

Please don't email me again.

(keep in mind, I get a lot of misdirected email for other Lincolns)

I told Frances about the email, who chuckled, and asked if I'd received a response. Prematurely, I said no -- then I got this:

Sorry for the error, I didn't know the email was going to Communist China.

Funny fundamentalists. I couldn't leave it alone:

LOL -- No, Canada, probably even worse in your books. Communist China? Are you from the 50s? That's the funniest thing I've heard as a response from a US-described "Christian" in a long time. Thanks for a laugh -- and supporting my thesis that fundamentalist Christians are as uneducated in history, geography and sociology as the rest of the world believes.

My wife's a minister, so we're well-versed in scripture in our household. Good luck in the perversion of the Word -- I wish you well, because I know you'll end in failure. My God has much more of a sense of humour.

Immature? Damn straight. I never said that age was making me more mature.

Oh, and Jon? If you find this post? I'm a gay-loving, same-sex-marriage-supporting, married-to-a-minister kinda guy. I know this probably causes all kinds of issues in your Ted Haggard kind of world, but, you know, he's just a meth-smoking, transvestite-hangin' kinda minister -- and besides, he just got a massage.

Posted by Lincoln at July 18, 2007 11:08 PM