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August 01, 2007
Why doesn't Virgin fly in Canada?

As part of one of my final seven (w00t!) courses to complete for my BComm in Marketing, I had to do an exhaustive brand audit and rehabilitation strategy paper for Air Canada. (Read it here if you're really, really bored) The extent to which Air Canada has pissed away the brand value in one of the most recognized brands in Canada is astounding -- all through massively-awful customer service at pretty much every touchpoint. Service across the industry is pretty much the same, with the exception of the JetBlue/Southwest/Westjet types of airlines, where you may not get any significant service features, but they're at least funny and friendly.

But man, I want to fly on Virgin America. Here's what customer service -- at least for geeks -- is all about. I'm not going to steal their copy -- go read what Artur Bergman had to say.

Okay, maybe they're selling the same cramped flying on an AirBus A319 as anyone else, but the on-board tech toys are a must-have. The bar just got raised a notch......

Posted by Lincoln at August 01, 2007 01:00 PM