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September 26, 2007
Back in the saddle, and off into the sunset

We've been deluged by, well, life, the last little while. Things are, however, looking up.

Starting with tomorrow.

We (and I mean the couple "we," not the familial "we") are off to Littleton, CO tomorrow for a friend's wedding, and then down to Las Vegas for three days. Frances promises not to gamble. I, however, make no such promises. We're so lucky that Ma and Pa are here looking after the kidlets for the week -- and that they gave us tickets to see Cirque de Soleil's "Love" Beatles show. We'll also be hitting Lucky Cheng's for the "All That Drag" show.

Suggestions of other places to hit -- we've got a list, but it's always up for modification -- are always welcome.

If we have a chance, I'll post some pics while we're there. Internet access is, apparently, expensive and/or sketchy, so we'll see how successful that is.

Posted by Lincoln at September 26, 2007 04:06 PM