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July 2003 Archives
July 17, 2003
Who's that girl?

Well, everybody made it home safe and sound from the hospital on Tuesday, finally. For any we haven't talked to yet, here's the synopsis of last Friday's event-filled day. Never let it be said that we do anything the easy way:

5:23 am: Frances wakes up with pain, but it doesn't really feel like labour
7:00 am: We decide to go in to Fort Frances to get things checked out, anticipating being home by mid-morning. Gareth goes to day care.
7:45 am: Halfway to Fort Frances, things feel a little more like labour. Crap.
8:00 am: Arrive at the hospital, still feeling like labour. Nurse in emergency department says she doesn't think it's labour.
8:15 am: Nurse in ER is wrong.
8:30 am: Hospital resource coordinator tells us she's ordering up the air ambulance to fly us to Winnipeg for the delivery (Fort Frances doesn't deliver premature babies except in emergencies). We have nothing -- no bag, no camera...nothing.
9:50 am: They load us in the ambulance to go to the airport.
10:00 am: The air ambulance is late. We wait at the hospital.
10:20 am: Nurse checks Frances to see how labour is progressing. She's dilated 2 cm in half-an-hour. "You're not going to Winnipeg," she announces. We wheel back into the delivery room.
10:30-11:18 am: Labour. Oh my God, labour. At one point, nurse tells Frances, "You're out of control." Lincoln feels like he's out of control as well, just not yelling as loud.
11:19 am: Naomi Frances Dunn arrives, screaming her head off. Six pounds, twelve ounces, and all is well.

[From the 'Frances' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 09:21 PM
July 11, 2003
We Need A New Category!

Sorry for the extreme delay in posting to here (life does occasionally *actually* get crazy in Emo), but this news is big. Very big. Please read the press release below:
In a rapidly-changing technical age, it has become more and more important for companies to pursue faster ways of getting products to market. We decided that the concept of RBD (Rapid-Baby-Deployment) was the type of development we wanted to focus on.

To that end, the staff of (formerly iDesign Graphics) breathlessly announce the release of nBaby, a brand-new product. Code-named "Naomi Frances Dunn," (pronounced NY-o-ME) this product was released six weeks prematurely, but safely passed all beta testing with flying colours at 11:19 am on Friday, July 11, 2003 at La Verendrye General Hospital in Fort Frances, Ontario.
Weighing in at six pounds, twelve ounces, our new product narrowly avoided a release in Winnipeg -- or, more specifically, somewhere over the Kenora area in an air ambulance (apparently, that whole Rapid-Baby-Deployment thing is frowned on in Fort Frances). She and the project's lead, Frances, are running just fine.
And she's one cute little bugger. :-)
Product shots are attached to this release. For more information about this product, please contact:
Lincoln (
Frances (
(807) 482-1548
More product shots will be available shortly at
Love to all,
Lincoln, Frances, Gareth & Naomi (and Indigo the Border Collie)

[From the 'Frances' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 09:23 PM