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September 2005 Archives
September 21, 2005
Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security

From the Apple Server list, someone posted a link to this article. Great piece of you're interested in computer (specifically server-related) security at all. Any article that can legitimately use the word "badness" gets a thumbs-up in my book.

We're off to Vermilion Bay this weekend for the annual meeting of Cambrian Presbytery (church stuff). Gorgeous location that I'm looking forward to exploring. We're hooking up with our usual group of teens from across NW Ontario for the annual fall youth retreat.

[From the 'Tech Bytes' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 03:42 PM
September 01, 2005
You Can Call Amazon, EBay, and Other Web Businesses

So that it's recorded somewhere that at least *I* can find easily, from this PC World Article:

Sometimes the best e-mail and chat support in the world is no substitute for a conversation with a real person. But that kind of talk isn't cheap, so to cut costs, Net-based companies like Amazon often make their phone numbers hard to find. Not to worry: A site called Cliché Ideas has dug them up:

Amazon: 800/201-7575
EBay: 800/322-9266

[From the 'Tech Bytes' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 08:16 PM