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April 2006 Archives
April 17, 2006
Live light enough to see the humour, and long enough to see some change

..and the change is what it's all about this summer.
After a lot of soul searching, arguing, number crunching and reflection, I have given my letter of resignation at the Fort Frances Times, as of June 15 of this year.
As a lot of my friends and family know, I've spent the last four-and-a-half years trying to complete my bachelorus interruptus, begun so many moons ago at the University of Victoria. I've managed thus far to complete a diploma in marketing, and am now transitioning my program to completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. But, at my current rate of completion, which is essentially 6 courses a year, it's going to take me almost four years to get it done. And I'm burning out.
In January, Frances and I started talking about what made the most sense; at the current completion rate, I'd be 37 by the time I was finished, which isn't an ideal age to be pursuing a new career or vocation. As well, while I have great staff and employers and the Fort Frances Times, I don't have a lot of growth opportunities in the future.
And I'm sick of doing web development.
Don't get me wrong; I'm still enjoying building online marketing collateral for customers, but I want to get strategic. Code jockey I can do, but I'd rather be a bigger picture guy, and I'm not gonna do that for my customers at $90 a month.
The personal side of this is really exciting, though. Frances has been incredibly brave to let me pursue this; financial stability is really important to her, and this is a vast departure from that for the next two years.
We're going to be traversing the country for my little sis's wedding in Whistler this summer, so I'll have a bit of a break before jumping in full-time. If you're a West Coaster, or an in-betweener, and we haven't talked yet, let me know if you want to hook up on this trip, and we'll see what's happening.

[From the 'Lincoln' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 08:48 AM