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December 13, 2008
Naomi is learning how to print....

.....and she did this fine piece of work all by herself today.


I'm so immature.

Posted by Lincoln at 11:49 AM
August 14, 2006
The Bob

(I've noticed that I start a lot of entries with So...)
So, I'm playing the solo dad game this week, as Frances is off at General Council of the United Church of Canada, which is supposedly a big deal for all involved. The level of big-dealishness for those not involved is debatable, but I digress...

Anyways, yesterday, Gareth came charging upstairs, uttering those six words that strike fear into the lives of any parent:

"Dad, Naomi's cutting her own hair!"

I charge downstairs, and this is what I find:


Could single parenting get any worse?

Here are the results:




It'll be an interesting test to see if Frances finds out about this first from me personally, or from this site. Pray for me, dear readers, pray for me...

UPDATE: She knows. She laughed. I'm safe.

Posted by Lincoln at 05:20 PM
November 28, 2005
Winter arrives in Emo

Yesterday marked the real beginning of winter. A half-inch of ice overnight left the roads almost unnavigable, and made me going to work today Naga...Naga....Nagannahappen. Tonight, it got better. As of 12:00 CST, we've got five inches of snow, plus the ice. Fortunately, the snow has given the the ice some surface traction, so driving is much better.
And, I love the snow, so I'm happy. I had to restrain myself from going out for a cruise in the Jeep tonight.

Funny Naomi story from the weekend: as many know, we're in the midst of potty training, with limited success thus far. On Saturday, when she went down for her nap. No nap, but she did pinch a load in her diaper. Nice. Even better? How about trying to change herself with the door closed, covering herself, the carpet, the rug, the table, and using an ENTIRE package of diaper wipes in the process? Oooo, it was a fun day in our house.
We did laugh, however -- once the carpet shampooer was away, the girl was bathed (again), and the room returned to its normal, non-crapified chaos. We didn't laugh as much Sunday, however, when she did it again. The ultimate in gotchas? Naomi, standing there in virtually the identical mess, looking at her mother and announcing, "Momma -- no wipes!" That's right kid -- 'cause you used them all the first time around. Thanks for the info.

Posted by Lincoln at 11:56 PM
June 20, 2005

It's not very original, but we have both "Garethisms" and "Naomisms" much like we have "Tylerisms", that we keep track of (origin: friend of family in Quebec who mixed up her sayings all the time, forever termed "Judyisms") . They're a log of funny or cute lines that the two of them come up with. Obviously, we have more of Gareth than Naomi, but here's one from her last week:

Plate on high chair, with ham on it. Gareth gets out the watermelon from the refrigerator, and she sees this, and starts chirping for some.
"Not until you finish your dinner, honey." chimes in Mom.
Naomi proceeds to grab all the ham on her plate, throw it on the floor, holds up the plate and says, "All done!"
Who needs tv? These two are way more says the unbiased parent.

Posted by Lincoln at 04:29 PM