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November 29, 2004
Running in the country

November 28 -- 3.0 miles, road run, 1cm snow

Ahh, the beauty of living in the country. I forget, sometimes, how much of what we see living in Emo would be considered amusing, quaint, archaic or even bizarre, by city standards. Last night was just plain funny -- and pretty nice. Keep in mind that Emo is about 1500 people, so it's not a completely tiny outpost of civilization.
As I was out running last night, I got about a mile into it, and got stopped by the train. Three minutes later, train is gone, and I stumble across the track, and keep going. A few minutes later, a car passes me. I keep running, and finish at home about 25 minutes later.
Total number of trains I saw on my run? One.
Total number of cars I saw on my run? One.
I was amused, anyways.

Posted by Lincoln at November 29, 2004 09:01 AM