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April 22, 2005
Striding into Spring

This weekend, the four of us (minus the dog) are overnighting in Bemidji, MN so that I have a cheering squad as I run the Stride into Spring 10k. After the disappointment of only being able to run the 5k race at the Freeze Your Gizzard race in January, and the subsequent two months of physio to try and get my calf back in shape, I need to do this run. Did 8k on Wednesday, and I'm feeling good -- haven't actually done a full 10k, but felt so good after the 8k, I know it won't be a problem (thighs are sore though, ouch). Besides, for me, it's about completion, not competition.
As we were packing a bag last night for the trip, Frances asked the funniest question:
"So, how long will the run be? Half an hour?"
I looked at her and said, with incredulity, "Half an hour?"
"What? Fifteen minutes?" she responded quickly.
"FIFTEEN MINUTES??? Frances, it's 10k!"
"Oh. Right."

Posted by Lincoln at April 22, 2005 09:05 AM