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June 05, 2006
Cool Kid Moment of the Day

Yesterday afternoon, I was getting ready to go for a run down the River Road in Emo, and, inspired, I asked Gareth if he wanted to come for a run. I really, really want to make sure that Gareth and Naomi both build a healthy, active lifestyle now, to make it easier to continue doing so as they get older.

In my head, I was frantically doing recalculations of distance and what route to take, so that Gareth could run a part of the distance with me, I could drop him off at home, and continue my run. He was a little hesitant to run with me, mostly because "I get out of breath when I run, Dad."

Then his eyes light up, and he says, "I could ride my bike with you, Dad!" *slap* Stupid dad. Great idea, Måno. Away we go, him helmeted up, and me running behind him, heart jumping into my throat every time a vehicle passes us (which, being a country road, is about one every three or four minutes).

It's important to realize that, once you get onto the River Road, it's not even a half-mile before you're in the country -- fields, fences, cows and few houses. As we head down the road, we pass a herd of about 60 head of cattle ("They stink, Dad."), and, a few minutes later, come upon a second group of about a half-dozen cows, placently munching grass. The following conversation takes place:

Gareth: Hi cows!
Cow: (lifts head, and bell rings)
Gareth: Dad, the cow rang its bell at me!
Cow: (stares)
Gareth: Hi cow! (Rings bell on bike in response)

I chuckled as we ran on. And, on the return leg, we got up to the cows, and he didn't even speak -- just rang his bell in acknowledgement, and kept going. Twas cool.

He also rung *my* bell when he said, "Dad, I'll ride slower, so that you can keep up with me."

Posted by Lincoln at June 05, 2006 08:36 AM