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July 12, 2006
Day Three

I forgot how amazing it is to drive through the mountains.

After the ridiculously-early start to the day yesterday, we flew through Montana, thanks to the 70MPH speed limit state-wide. No road construction, no cops and lead-foot Frances meant a 750km day, with still getting to the campground by 6:30. We traveled through Glacier National Park, stopped and again did the requisite photo at the Teddy Roosevelt National Forest monument, and introduced Naomi to pit toilets. I was honestly terrified of dropping her. The visual that conjured up was almost enough for me to *not* put her on.

By the way, the McGregor Lake National Forest campground? Worst. Campground. Ever. Itís only redeeming features were that it had trees, and that it was $8. Thank God for air mattresses Ė first-sized boulders make for an uncomfortable nightís sleep. I donít mind rough camping, but when youíre travel-camping, as opposed to hiking-camping, and have two little kids, a half-decent campsite is a blessing. We also celebrated Naomiís third birthday with fancy cupcakes, and a new CareBear. It sings. A lot. Who let her pick that toy? I see a batteryless future for that toy.

Up this morning at 6:15, and packed and ready to roll by just after 7:00, weíre crossing into Canada in about 15 minutes, after a 25-minute jump through Idaho. Creston here we come, and Osoyoos about three hours later. Then, Iíll actually get to upload all these entries, back-dated, of course.

Posted by Lincoln at July 12, 2006 02:34 PM