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October 2004 Archives
October 28, 2004
Brain drain

Too much happening in the last month to blog, and none of it interesting enough to blog about.

Mental note: taking two marketing courses at the same time that have similar structures? Recipe for disaster. And one of my instructors wickedly going through the motions -- making individualized comments on assignments is apparently tiresome. I won't say which one.

On a different note, I'm training for the Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run 10K in International Falls, MN (three minutes from my office) in January. I'm currently running 2.5 miles on average. 10 weeks to crank it up -- and my road run last Sunday just about killed me. I figure it's a pretty good goal for an ex-smoker (almost three years! yay!) with exercise-induced asthma. Oh, the agony, though...

[From the 'Lincoln' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 03:08 PM
October 05, 2004
Bombay Peggy's and the Sourtoe Cocktail

Idle conversation at the office turned to an article that my coworker Cory had read earlier, about "some drink that had a pickled severed toe in it."

Off to Google, and we found the story as told by Don Reddick, as well as one guy's experience drinking the toe.

Do it fast or do it slow, but the lips must touch the toe.


[From the 'Amusing Bits' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 05:00 PM
October 04, 2004
Terrorism, Terrorism, Terrorism...

I was more than a little amused by this video edit of seven speakers at the Republican convention last month, courtesy of Joi Ito. You'll know all of them. If you didn't think that the party platform was based on fearmongering before, take a look at the sampling of speeches throughout the convention. I know it's partisan. So what? Anyone who can't pronounce the word "nuclear" shouldn't be allowed to control nuke-u-lar weapons.

Yes, I'm being petty and shallow. It's Monday. Deal with it.

[From the 'Soapbox' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 12:19 PM
October 01, 2004
The Invisible Train

Via the Scobleizer, we find the Invisible Train, a train that runs on wooden tracks (a la Thomas the Tank Engine, a known favourite in our household), but really doesn't. Those crazy college kids:

The Invisible Train is a mobile, collaborative multi-user Augmented
Reality (AR) game, in which players control virtual trains on a real wooden
miniature railroad track. These virtual trains are only visible to
players through their PDA's video see-through display as they don't
exist in the physical world. This type of user interface is commonly called
the "magic lens metaphor."

I don't think it would hold Gareth's attention for very long -- and Naomi would wreck the PDA with drool and repetitive chewing.

[From the 'Tech Bytes' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 11:34 AM