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July 2008 Archives
July 22, 2008
Awesome ad placement

I have a picture of the sign for one of the local country roads as my desktop at home -- 404 Road.

(Since I know KMac will read this, and not understand it: HTTP 404)

[From the 'Tech Bytes' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 11:47 AM
July 17, 2008
Another effective NGO ad

A bit obvious, but excellent, nonetheless:

Found at Random Good Stuff.

[From the 'Miscellany' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 01:31 PM
July 14, 2008
Wow....just, wow

After a seriously nerdy conversation about Dungeons & Dragons last weekend at camp, I went searching for a suggested D&D webcomic. This was one I found.


Sigh. Fundamentalists -- taking the fun out of life, one activity at a time.

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Posted by Lincoln at 09:51 AM
July 04, 2008
Well, whaddya know.....

....rabbits do do it that much:

[From the 'Amusing Bits' Section]
Posted by Lincoln at 12:35 PM